France set for a (mostly) sunny Easter weekend

If you're looking for a sunny long weekend this Easter, then you're probably in luck.

France set for a (mostly) sunny Easter weekend
Photo: AFP
It looks like it's going to be a sunny long weekend this Easter after all (at least for most of France). 
Yes, after early forecasts suggested it would only be France's Riviera that would be bathed in sun over the weekend, a revision to the forecast on Thursday morning changed everything. 
Well, at least as we get towards the end of the weekend. Here's the breakdown courtesy of Météo France. 
Saturday will see rain only in central and eastern France, with the afternoon offering temperatures as high as 20C in some parts of southern France. 
Pretty much all of the rest of the country can expect a rain-free start to the weekend, with temperatures ranging from around 10C in the north to the high teens in the south. 
Things will improve for Easter Sunday, with absolutely no rain forecast at all. In fact, the sun will be positively beaming in the cloud-free Riviera, in the south west of France, and on the island of Corsica. 
Paris and much of the northern half of France will see a mix of clouds and sunshine, and temperatures between 10C and 15C. 
Monday, a public holiday in France, will be better again for anyone in central, western, eastern, and southern France. 
It's only the north and north east that will, as the stereotype suggests, get hit by rain. 
Expect cloud-free skies across the entire southern half of the country, with temperatures set to hit 20C – or at least the high teens. 
As for Paris, temperatures are tipped to reach 16C on a slightly cloudy day. 
Get those picnic blankets ready (and enjoy the Easter break).