Where in France do drivers get the worst deal?

Where in France do drivers get the worst deal?
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A new survey has tallied the expenses of the typical motorist to find out where in France drivers are getting the best (and worst) deals on the road.
Own a car in France? Then you'd be no stranger to the costs of everthing from petrol to insurance (and road tolls, maintenance, registration fees….)
France's Automobile Club Association (ACA) has taken this all into account for their annual motorists' budget study that was published on Thursday. 
The study is from before France's 22 regions were merged into 13, and so has individual statistics for all 22 regions. 
And the cheapest region – but only just – was the former region of Lorraine in the north east, where a motorist can expect to pay €5,441 per year for their car. 
This figure takes all the expected costs into account, as well as the average distance drivers in the region typical travel.
As those in Lorraine drive the least, they also use the least amount of petrol at 703 litres a year. It was those in Lower Normandy who used up the most petrol at 969 litres each year. 
Second place overal went to nearby Champagne-Ardenne, followed by Picardy in the north at €5,447 and €5,464 respectively. 
The top five was rounded out by Franche-Comté to the east at €5,589 and Bourgogne in the centre-east at €5,618. 
The most expensive was the Mediterranean region of PACA, where the budget was €6,184 on average. 
This was also the region with the most expensive insurance.
As for Paris, motorists's wallets are still hit harder than most – with the capital finishing 19th of the 22 regions. 
Parisians can expect to fork out around €5,897 per year. But they can rest assured that they're paying the least for tolls at just €147 per year, compared to €230 for those in Poitou Charentes in western France. 

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