French left outraged online over massacre of Camembert cheese

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The Local - [email protected] • 16 Mar, 2017 Updated Thu 16 Mar 2017 12:35 CEST
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French people are in uproar after a picture was posted online of a Camembert cheese that had clearly been cut in a flagrant violation of fromage etiquette.


The post on on the French page of the site Reddit was titled "How my mother cuts Camembert..." (Le manière dont ma mère coupe le camembert),
It was flooded with comments from French people, who reacted with a mixture of mockery and anger at the way the famous French cheese from Normandy had been cut. 
"We've guillotined people for less than that," wrote Raleur Francais. Another wrote "... well you just can't choose your family," referring to the unnamed mother who was allegedly behind the massacre of the Camembert.
Another suggested it was grounds to take away her French nationality, "If the site wasn't under maintenance, I would have reported her to (the French governmental portal to report illegal activity online).
"There's cause for a loss of nationality there."
To which another French commenter responded, "take her to the British border immediately." 
Some felt sympathy for the cheese.
"I suggest you take custody of this poor Camembert away from her for mistreatment," wrote Beheshka. 
But the French mother's abuse of the cheese isn't about to end soon.

"I don't even dare to confront her about it, I'm scared for my life..." the orignal poster Majin Jack wrote. 
Needless to say the post is more evidence of how seriously the French take their cheese etiquette and many a foreigner has fallen foul of the strict rules over the years.
Camembert, like all round cheeses should be cut in the same way a cake is sliced - in small triangular slivers.

The link below explains all you need to know about how to cut cheese and other important codes of cheese conduct.

Best Briehaviour: The complete guide to French cheese etiquette

Best Briehaviour: A guide to French cheese etiquette

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