French parents ‘pretended to be victims’ of both Paris and Nice attacks

A French couple with two children are accused of falsely claiming to be victims of last summer's Nice terror attack, after already being sentenced to jail for pretending to be victims of the November 2015 Paris attacks.

French parents 'pretended to be victims' of both Paris and Nice attacks
Photo: AFP
The man and woman, aged 36 and 29, who live in Cannes, are suspected of pretending to be victims of the lorry attack on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice which killed 85 people in July 2016 in order to gain compensation.
The couple will face trial on the 19th of April.
This comes after the couple were given prison sentences in December for falsely claiming they were hit by the Isis bomb attack at the Stade de France stadium outside of Paris on November 13th 2015. According to the woman, she was “blown back” by the explosion. 
They received €60,000 in compensation from official funds for victims of terrorism after the November attacks, which they admitted to largely spending on vehicles, which they sold on.  
The man was given six years and the woman three years suspended jail time after a police investigation found the couple were in fact in the Cote d'Azur at the time of the Paris attacks. 
Authorities wanted harsh punishments to make an example of the pair. They have since appealed against the decision.
Both were made to give back €30,000 each to the victims of terrorism fund. 
In the upcoming trial, the pair, if convicted, are facing a sentence of 14 years behind bars for what would be a second offense.
By Rose Trigg