France’s ‘Pleasure Party’ presidential candidate arrested for ‘transparency’ stunt

France's 'Pleasure Party' presidential candidate arrested for 'transparency' stunt
Photo: Screengrab LCI media
Former stripper Cindy Lee is unlikely to rival Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron and co but she certainly caused a stir at the French parliament when she showed off her "transparency" message to French MPs... and around 30 riot police.

Lee, 52, wanted to highlight the problem of corruption and the lack of transparency in French political life and stripped down to the bare minimum to get her point across.

“We are here to demand transparency when it comes to corruption, and this outfit justifies transparency,” she said, pointing at the two flimsy tassles that covered her nipples.

A supporter carried a banner that read something along the lines of “strip off corruption”.

She handed out flyers with her campaign promises to politicians and passing motorists and quickly got the attention of TV crews.

“I advocate the well-being of the individual in society, putting people at the centre of politics,” she told LCI media.

Among her promises to the French electorate, she wants to tax financial speculation and plough the money into projects that will help the public have more fulfilled sex lives.

But her “transparency” stunt lasted only a few minutes before she was led away by around 30 riot police, who it seems wrongly thought she was a member of the sextremist Femen movement.

Lee, is the official candidate of the “pleasure party”, although her chances of actually making it onto the ballot papers appears slim.

Each presidential candidate in France needs 500 elected officials to sponsor them but so far Lee has not managed to persuade anyone to back her.

She only has another week before the official deadline.