Two suspects charged in France over possible terror plot

Two men who had been arrested on suspicion of planning an "imminent" terror attack in France were charged on Saturday, legal sources said.

Two suspects charged in France over possible terror plot
The apartment building in Clermont-Ferrand where one of the suspects was arrested. File photo: Thierry Zoccolan/AFP
The suspects, one 19-year-old and the other a 27-year-old, were arrested Tuesday in the coastal city of Marseille and the central city of Clermont-Ferrand.
Both men, known to intelligence services for belonging to the jihadist Salafist community, were indicted on charges of criminal association in connection with a criminal terrorist enterprise, as well as for possession of firearms.
During raids, police recovered a Kalashnikov rifle and a shotgun, one grenade, a knife, and two bulletproof vests.They also found documents of jihadist propaganda.
Authorities however are still investigating the exact nature of their plans.
France remains on high alert after a wave of attacks that began two years ago, claiming more than 200 lives.
On February 3, a soldier shot and wounded a machete-wielding attacker who lunged at him outside the Louvre museum in Paris while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest).
One of the most active members of the US-led coalition fighting IS, France has been the worst hit among European countries targeted by attacks claimed or inspired by the Sunni extremist group.