France teams up with McDonald’s to help fight youth unemployment

France may be known for its fine dining culture, but in an unprecedented move, it’s the American fast food giant McDonald's that France is calling on to help cut unemployment.

France teams up with McDonald's to help fight youth unemployment
Photo: AFP

France is now teaming up with its favourite US burger joint McDonald’s to help cut unemployment, which is especially high among young people.

While it might seem strange that French authorities would team up with a US fast food giant to help create jobs, the reality is that McDonald's the number one recruiter of young people in France and its 1419 restaurants created 2,500 jobs in 2016.

The ARF, an organisation that represents France's regions have, for the first time, signed a charter with the director general of McDonalds’ French operations, in a bid to to boost job creation and training in France.

“Employment and training are priorities for all the regions and, by signing this charter with McDonald’s, we are demonstrating our willingness to do everything to fight against unemployment,” said Philippe Richert, president of the Association of French Regions.

The fast food giant will look to recruit 2,000 new workers on permanent contracts in France and will aim to improve access to professional training qualifications for their French employees to make sure they’re not stuck flipping burgers for too long.

McDonald's popularity in France might come as a surprise for those who associate France with home-cooking and haute cuisine, but the French are actually a nation of fast-food eaters.

More French people scoff Big Macs per head than any other country outside of the US, making France the second-most profitable market for McDonald’s in the world.

The charter with McDonald's comes as another American giant Amazon announced on Monday that it hoped to create 1,500  jobs in France this year.

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By Rose Trigg