A look at what a ‘President Emmanuel Macron’ has in store for France

A crackdrown on crime and "zero tolerance" for police violence - here are a few of Macron's early plans for France.

A look at what a 'President Emmanuel Macron' has in store for France
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While presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron won't reveal his full programme for France until May 2nd, he gave a taste of his plans in an interview with Le Figaro newspaper
Here's what you need to know about what the maverick former banker turned economy minister plans for France.
More prison beds
Macron plans to add another 15,000 spots in France's prisons over the next five years.
“These kinds of decisions are too often made at the end of a mandate,” he told Le Figaro newspaper, promising “zero tolerance of delinquency as well as any excess in terms of police violence”.
More police officers
He aims to recruit 10,000 police and regional police (gendarmes) over the next three years.
“British-style” intelligence centre
The former economy minister said he plans to create a centre for processing mass intelligence data, which will be “based on the British model”, reported L'Express newspaper
An adjusted retirement age
He has said that he plan to alter the age of retirement depending on people's profession, from anywhere between the age of 60 and 67. 
An adjusted 35-hour working week
While he has said recently that he doesn't actually want to scrap France's famous 35-hour week, he intends to tweak the way it's applied. 
Essentially, this will mean that companies could potentially offer workers overtime in some cases.
Focus on taxing the real estate of the wealthy
Macron has said he aims to move France's tax on personal assets over €1.3 million to a focus on real estate rather than productive investment.
Cut back on health contributions
Macron wants a smaller difference between net and gross salary, and aims to do this by cutting back on monthly social contributions like healthcare and unemployment. 
Such a move could leave up to €250 a month in the wallets of those on minimum wage. 
Full reimbursement for some healthcare
If you suffer from chronic illnesses, or have trouble hearing or seeing, then Macron thinks you should be paid back in full for your medical care. 
By 2022, he wants this to even include free dental care. 
Twice as many nursing homes
Macron has previously said that he wants France to have twice as many nursing homes, or maisons de santé as the French call them.
Close the coal-powered plants
The presidential hopeful has said that he wants to shut down the plants that run on coal, adding that he plans to ensure there are measures in place for local workers who would lose their jobs in the process. 
Potentially rethink controversial airport
He has said that he would like to bring in a mediator for talks on the controversial Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport in western France (the site of which is pictured below).
And he added that he isn't opposed to the idea of “modernizing” the airport currently in the area. 

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