The 10 dream jobs in France for foreigners

If teaching English or being a translator is not glamourous enough for you, there are many other kinds of jobs you could do in France.

The 10 dream jobs in France for foreigners
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Staff on a Luxury Yacht

French Riviera: Where better to start than a dream job in the Med. For experienced sailing fanatics, what could be better than taking the wheel of a luxury yacht making its way along the Côte d’Azur? And for those who have never sailed before then why not apply to join as a chef, a steward or stewardess, or a deckhand? Check out what’s offered by the Antibes-based ‘Crew Network’.

Photo: Dutch Mega Yachts
Canoe/Kayak instructor
France is home to an amazing number of beautiful rivers, so if it’s watersports that float your boat, then there should be opportunities for you. Each year, rivers like the Ardèche, the Gardon, Drôme, Sorgue, Dordogne etc are packed out. Why not get away from your desk and get into the water and work as a canoe instructor. For more information on job offers and the required training you would need, click here
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Sommelier at a swanky Parisian restaurant
 Are you a wine lover? Do you like to think you’ve got quite a good palate? Then why not spend your days advising diners and choosing the finest wines to accompany their meals? Don’t forget the scores of wine tastings you would be required to attend as you learn your trade. Visit Sommeliers International or ‘WikiHow’ which offers four simple steps to realizing your sommelier dreams.
Photo: Beraldo Leal/Flickr
Personal Trainer
French Riviera: Why not set up as a freelance personal fitness trainer? The French Riviera is a perfect hunting ground for expat clientele and who couldn't imagine a more chic place to live. You can train in France or abroad and then get your qualifications recognized here. If you would rather things were slightly easier, you could try and join a team like ‘Morgan Coaching’.

Photo: Damian Gadal
Cycling or Mountain Guide
Leave the office to live a life outdoors in “La France Profonde”. Lead groups of walkers or cyclists on trips across the country's most beautiful landscapes. You'll get a great tan and get to know loads of new people. Visit this site or this one for info on becoming a mountain guide.
Photo: Jean Pierre Clatot

Freelance writer
Anywhere in France: France is home to scores of freelance writers and you can see why. Although so much has been written about France there is always a demand for more. You can work from home in tranquil rural France or from the busy terrace of a “bo-bo” Parisian café. Here's The Local's guide to becoming a freelancer. 
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Sun-kissed surf instructor in Biarritz
If you are a surfing fanatic and fancy living in France then Biarritz is the place for you. France’s surfing capital offers sunshine and chic. In this European surf hotspot, host of world competitions, English-speaking instructors are in high demand. What’s more, Spain is only 22km away along the coast. Here's one website that might help you realize your dream.
Photo: equinoxeefr/Flickr

Ski instructor in the Alps
If sun and surf is not for you then what about the snow? Every winter Anglos flood over to the French Alps and many of them need help learning to ski. So, instead of spending a fortune on one week on the pistes – why not ski all winter and get paid for it? This intensive course claims it will get you up to scratch in just eleven weeks. 
Photo: Ski couloir/Flickr

Villa and Chalet Hosting
Chalet hosting offers a massive range of amazing opportunities. Imagine spending your time travelling from one luxury holiday destination to another. Spend your winters in the classiest of Alpine ski resorts and your summers travelling around France's sun-drenched coastlines. And you can learn everything in a week's course. Here’s some more info.
Photo: Triumph Mountain Properties
Being a Tour Guide
Millions of visitors come to all corners of France each year and many of them like to be shown around, which means that if you know your stuff, being a tour guide can offer expats a way to make a living. You could be working around the chateaus and vineyards of the Loire Valley or taking groups on walks around historic towns. Here's some more information on how to be a guide.
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Bored at work or looking for a job? Take a look at The Local's job listings here.

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Fillon ridiculed for saying he can’t save money (despite being on €13,000 a month)

French presidential candidate François Fillon was lambasted on Monday after claiming he wasn’t good at saving money. French news sites and social media users were quick to point out his healthy salary.

Fillon ridiculed for saying he can’t save money (despite being on €13,000 a month)
Photo: AFP

Fillon opened himself up for more yet more stinging criticism on Monday when he told BFM TV interviewer Jean-Jacques Bourdin that he struggled to put money aside.

Fillon, whose campaign has wobbled over allegations of fake jobs and free deluxe suits, was immediately blasted and mocked on social media and became the top story on French news sites.

His words immediately trended on Twitter where some pointed out that if he couldn’t sort out his own money then he shouldn’t be put in charge of the country’s.

Others were simply angered and accused him of being “disconnected from reality”.

“Shameful. When you know that most people in France are deprived of healthcare, food and leisure,” said one angry Tweeter.

While Fillon’s words may not have been the worst thing a politician has ever said the problem for the candidate is that his wealth is there for all to see, as most French newspapers were quick to point out.

As an MP in Paris he earns €7,200 a month and also has access to an extra €5,770 (tax free) to cover his costs.

On top of that Fillon opened his own consultancy company in 2012 called 2F Conseil which according to Le Monde newspaper pulled in €750,000 in three years.

In the declaration of his assets to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life Fillon was shown to have several bank accounts and life insurance policies worth around €100,000, according to Le Parisien.

READ ALSO: Take a closer look at François Fillon's manor in rural France

Take a closer look at François Fillon's manor in rural France

And those outraged by his words on Monday were quick to point out that the candidate lives in a chateau, which along with his other properties, are believed to be worth €750,000.

That’s not to mention the hundreds of thousands of euros his wife earned as a parliamentary assistant over the years.

According to France’s Observation of Inegalities Fillon’s monthly salary is better than 96 percent of all French workers.

Fillon’s words might not have caused such an uproar if it wasn’t for the fact that his plans to turn around France’s struggling economy are based on imposing harsh austerity.

Fillon wants to save €100 billion over five years as well as raise the retirement age, hike the legal working week from 35 to 39 hours and ditch 500,000 public service posts.

The candidate has suffered in the polls in recent weeks and trails behind Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, but he still believes he can overcome the odds and make the second round run-off vote.

Despite his troubles he still enjoys strong support among his base, who like Fillon, believe he is the victim of a media witch-hunt and a politically-motivated smear campaign.

They believe he has the best programme to turn France around.