Stressed French teacher in trouble for taping naughty pupils to chairs

Stressed French teacher in trouble for taping naughty pupils to chairs
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Teachers in France are known for being strict and cracking down hard on naughty kids but one teacher in south west France maybe took things a little too far.

The school teacher in the village of Lapeyrouse-Mornay, in the Drôme department, has been suspended after she was accused of binding naughty pupils to their chairs with sticky tape.

She is accused of taping children aged three to seven to their seats in class to “keep agitated children on their chairs”, according to the regional education authority’s inspection.

The incidents allegedly took place on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of January, during the school day.

Parents have also suggested that the teacher, who is reported to be in her first year of teaching, also used tape over the children’s mouths.

While condemning the actions as “unacceptable”, the ongoing inspection team has refused to release details, and has only said the teacher used the tape to keep pupils on their chairs.

A psychologist has been made available for parents and children.  

While the teacher is in a spot of bother she is perhaps not the worst offender when it comes to badly behaved profs in France.

There have been teachers caught growing cannabis and offering it pupils, and others who landed in hot water for accidentally showing hard core porn to pupils

Perhaps the worst offender was the teacher who blackmailed a pupil to extort €10,000.

By Rose Trigg

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