Twitter reveals 25 everyday ‘problems’ about life in France

Twitter has helped reveal some everyday "problems" of living in France, including the danger of becoming addicted to cheese.

Twitter reveals 25 everyday 'problems' about life in France
Image: Lina Nordin
No matter how much we love the French lifestyle every foreigner will experience some everyday problems that seem very much unique to France. 
Twitter and its hashtag #Franceproblems has helped to reveal just a few, many of them of course would hardly be classed as “problems”.

1. French waiters can think it is completely appropriate to chat up a woman and give their number.

2. Will you ever get the hang of greeting the French ?

3. Trying to find somewhere to eat can be difficult late afternoon when most French restaurants close.

4. Is there anyone strong enough to resist the temptations of French cuisine?

5. Some people clearly don't get the notion of fresh bread.

6. Planning your Sunday meals in advance is a must in France

7. Are France's top hobbies striking and smoking? 

8. As we all know jumping through red tape and form filling can take time in France.

9. It's true, red wine and very smelly cheese really are staples of the french diet and it sometimes matters what order they are consumed.

10. And that's not the only problem with smelly cheese.

11. Avoid walking in dog poo is a daily task in Paris.

12. It can be tough looking chic in Paris all the time.

13. Of those pesky fiscal stamps (timbre fiscal) needed for visas.

14. Is it impossible to find a good meat pie in France? 


15. French men have a reputation for finding their next love in the street. 

16. Yes, the hunt for a decent English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh/American breakfast can be tough.

17. Train strikes are a public hazard in France.

18. And finding an open food store can be problem in certain places.

19. Or even a bank.

20. Becoming addicted to French cheese is a real risk when living in France.

21. For non-EU citizens obtaining a visa can be an arduous process.

22. Drinking coffee becomes as normal as drinking water


23. Who hasn't heard their French neighbour having sex at least once?  

24. Have you ever been corrected on your French? Of course you have.


(Image by Lina Nordin)

25. Sometimes the bathroom facilities can leave a lot to be desired for those used to a certain standard of shower.

Anymore “problems” you have noticed then feel free to tweet them out to #Franceproblems.

by Lauren Belcher

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Twitter appeals French court ruling on hate speech transparency

Twitter has appealed a French court decision that ordered it to give activists full access to all of its relevant documents on efforts to fight hate speech, lawyers and a judicial source said on Saturday.

Twitter appeals French court ruling on hate speech transparency
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In July, a French court ordered Twitter to grant six French anti-discrimination groups full access to all documents relating to the
company’s efforts to combat hate speech since May 2020. The ruling applied to Twitter’s global operation, not just France.

Twitter has appealed the decision and a hearing has been set for December 9, 2021, a judicial source told AFP, confirming information released by the groups’ lawyers.

Twitter and its lawyers declined to comment.

The July order said that Twitter must hand over “all administrative, contractual, technical or commercial documents” detailing the resources it has assigned to fight homophobic, racist and sexist discourse on the site, as well as the offence of “condoning crimes against humanity”.

It also said Twitter must reveal how many moderators it employs in France to examine posts flagged as hateful, and data on the posts they process.

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The six anti-discrimination groups had taken Twitter to court in France last year, accusing the US social media giant of “long-term and persistent” failures in blocking hateful comments from the site.

The groups campaign against homophobia, racism and anti-Semitism. Twitter’s hateful conduct policy bans users from promoting violence or threatening or attacking people based on their race, religion, gender identity or disability, among other forms of discrimination.

Like other social media giants it allows users to report posts they believe are hateful, and employs moderators to vet the content.

But anti-discrimination groups have long complained that holes in the policy allow hateful comments to stay online in many cases.