Frenchman fined €5,000 for calling kid a ‘fat pig’ on Facebook

Frenchman fined €5,000 for calling kid a 'fat pig' on Facebook
Photo: AFP
A man has been told to cough up after he insulted an eight-year-old boy on Facebook.
It all started a year ago, in the southern French city of Beziers, when a housekeeper hurt her back helping a child who was in a wheelchair for a hip injury. 
Her injury was so severe that she was forced to take time off work, and posted about her orderal on Facebook. 
The woman's husband chimed in on the thread with a public comment, in which he blamed the “fat pig” of a child for his wife's injury, reported France Bleu
“My wife just tried to lift up some kind of fat pig that had been fed on burgers. I'd have made the fat thing run,” he wrote, according to the channel. 
The next time the child's mother went to the school, other concerned parents showed her the offending Facebook post. 
The child, who somehow found out about the post too, was left upset. 
“He ran away from the school gates in tears and said he wanted to change schools,” the mother told the channel.  
“I felt sick. This is my own son. I lost sleep about it.”
The matter was taken to court, where it was ruled on Friday that the man who wrote the Facebook comment should pay a €1,000 fine, and €4,000 in damages to the boy's family. 

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