French astronaut watches Lyon’s festival of light from space

Most visitors to Lyon's annual festival of lights like to get up close to the spectacle, but French astronaut Thomas Pesquet enjoyed watching it from space.

French astronaut watches Lyon's festival of light from space
Photo: Thomas Pesquet/Twitter.

So Lyon's fêtes de lumieres can actually be seen from space and French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has the proof.

Pesquet, who is on board the international space station orbiting the earth, managed to time it right and get a zoomed in photograph of Lyon on Thursday night as the festival opened.

The astronaut admitted his photo was not the best as the city's lights “were shining too bright”. 

It's not the first photo Pesquet has taken of France from space.

He challenged those living in northern France to pick out their town with this one of France on a clear night.

Meanwhile down on earth in Lyon, the fêtes de lumieres kicked off amid tight security, which included the deployment of a drone for the first time.

Nevertheless the show was as spectacular us ever.

Here are a couple of close up pics from down on the ground for astronaut Pesquet to enjoy.





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