French bakery breaks the mold to invent ‘bent baguette’

How's this for a new take on a French classic?

French bakery breaks the mold to invent 'bent baguette'
Photo: Le Darz Boulangerie
We already know the French take their Baguettiquette seriously – but this is a new extreme.
The Le Darz bakery in western France's Finistère has quite literally taken baguettes in a new direction by turning the dough into a neat U shape before putting it in the oven. 
The reason: So people can carry them more easily home if they're taking a bike or scooter. 
“It's the Biker's Baguette,” the bakers wrote in a viral Facebook post. 
“No need to break it in half, it's already folded in two before it's baked.”
And as anyone who has ever transported a loaf of the crusty bread can attest – this could just be a genius idea in space-saving and crumb-reducing. 
The concept took the internet by storm on Tuesday, with thousands of Facebook users sharing the pictures and the story getting picked up on news channels across France. 
“We made it as a nod to all the bikers, but also to amuse ourselves too. We're ecstatic that you like it.”
The bakers wrote that they only charge an extra five centimes for the baguette.
“Imagine folding 100 baguettes – it takes time you know,” they explained. 
Now to find out if they do deliveries to elsewhere in France… 
But there is an alternative to bending the baguette. Buy a special over-the-shoulder baguette bag like the one below from CYAN.

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