Northern France braces for weekend of wild weather

Thunderstorms have been forecast for north western France, starting on Friday.

Northern France braces for weekend of wild weather
Photo: AFP

National weather agency Météo France has forecast thunderstorms for north and northwestern France this weekend and “occasionally dangerous” conditions. 

The agency predicted winds of up to 120km/h, hail, and thunderstorms over the weekend, starting on Friday night in some areas.

The coastal areas of western France will be hardest hit by the gales, and the northern coast doesn't look much better. 
Météo France said: “A low pressure system will be circulating around Brittany throughout the night, then along the Channel on Sunday morning.”
Temperatures across north western France are unlikely to rise about 10C or 11C for the whole weekend. 
Those elsewhere in France will avoid the storms, but not the wet weather. 
The national forecast shows rain across the entire country on Friday, improving only slightly over the weekend. 
The storms are expected to have calmed by Sunday evening. 

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