French rock group decides to change name… from ‘Trumps’

French rock group decides to change name... from 'Trumps'
Photo: Facebook/Trumps
A French electronic rock group thought their name, Trumps, was an ace choice when they launched on the musical scene in 2014, but now they've been forced to think again.

The election of Donald Trump to the White House has given the band almighty headache — and the monicker which they liked so much has been ditched.

In an announcement on Facebook, Trumps said they want to avoid any association with the controversial tycoon and are open to suggestions from fans for a new name.

Their lead singer, who goes under the stage name of Jim, said the Trumps' image problem began when the US election campaign built up steam.

“We don't feel like being associated with this guy,” he told AFP on Monday.

“We have no connection with him, and we don't want to be seen pushing anything political.”

Witty fans have suggested the group be renamed “The Hillarys” or “The LePens”, a reference to defeated Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

But according to local radio station France Bleu Poitou, the ex-Trumps will be reborn next month as Odd Zoo.

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