Americans in France left ‘terrified’ by Trump victory

Social media was flooded on Wednesday morning as Americans reacted to Donald Trump's surprise election win in the US.

Americans in France left 'terrified' by Trump victory
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Americans who call France home woke up on Wednesday morning to find that Donald Trump had been voted as the next US president. 
And the news didn't go down well for many. 
Lucy Ainsworth who lives in Lyon said she was “terrified” by the result. 
“I'm in shock that Trump just won,” she told The Local.
“I'm disappointed, confused, scared for the future. I feel like I don't belong in the US anymore – who are we, Americans? I'm disgusted.”
And just like the Brits in France after the Brexit vote, many Americans found themselves concerned about how to face their French peers. 
“I feel embarrassed and ashamed. I have to face my French friends and neighbours today and explain this. How?” said 24-year-old Kaitlin Plachy.
“I worry that Trump's presidency will fuel global intolerance instead of building our global community. And I'm so afraid France will follow suit in May,” the student added, referring to France's own upcoming elections where far right Marine Le Pen is gaining momentum. 
Marine Le Pen quick to congratulate Donald Trump
Indeed, Le Pen was among the first to congratulate Trump, sending him her warm wishes before the result was even announced. 
Other Americans in France said they felt Trump's win separated them even further from their native country. 
“I feel detached from this whole election and the US. They can take back my citizenship,” American journalist Aline Talia told The Local, adding that she had called Paris “home” for 20 years.  
“This election campaign created an even greater gap for me.”
Some Americans voiced their concerns for the future of the US. 
Facebook follower Kate Carter, who lives in Brittany, said: “I think we will see a very different America, full of racism and hatred, I feel sorry for all the decent Americans who didn't vote for him. I fear he could start more wars, he has a short fuse.”
Twitter user Joe Joe said he was “gutted for all the minorities who didn't feel America was ever great, who feel thrown under the bus by their own country”.
Pauline Bera, a Facebook follower in Provence, said she was “in shock and profoundly shaken up”. 
Melissa Pizarro, who lives in Nice, said that the result wasn't hard to believe. 
“I have always been proud to call myself an American, but today I refuse to be proud when the country I love so much lacks any consideration for humanity. I refuse to ever acknowledge him as my president,” she said. 

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It wasn't all negative, of course, with some of Trump's supporters adding their two centimes. 
Marc Porter, the President of Republicans Abroad France said: 
“I'm proud of my country. I see that my people have spoken and they have spoken loudly. The corruption of Obama and Clinton has to be stopped,” he told Le Parisien newspaper
“This is excellent. Everything has happened as I predicted when I starter supporting Mr Trump 18 months ago.”
When asked how Americans can be reconciled after such a divisive campaign and election, Porter said:
“We accepted Mr Obama, now the Democrats have to accept Mr Trump. He won.”
We'll give the final word to Facebook follower Kene Tristan MacGregor Ovenshire, who lives in the Gers, and who says Trump isn't his “cup-o-tea”
“If I cant trust you to be in a room with my daughter alone, I sure do not want you running the country I live in,” he said. 
“My fellow Americans are pissed off and they're hoping Don can help them with their high cost of living, long work weeks, low wages, unaffordable yet mandated healthcare, corrupt corporations run by greedy fecks, the farce that is the federal reserve, childhood obesity and other childhood diseases through the roof, and to top it all off Bruce Jenner wearing dresses, or his step-daughter getting jacked in Paris, gets more media attention than innocent people being shot by cops.
“I'm super grateful to be living in France.”

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