French police tackle night of violence on Halloween

Police across France were kept busy by a series of 'tricks' on Halloween, with clashes breaking out in Yvelines and Rennes as vandals started fires and attacked officers.

French police tackle night of violence on Halloween
A protest against mounting attacks on police in France, which took place last month. File photo: AFP

Garbage cans and cars were torched in Rennes, Brittainy, with incidents reported throughout the night and only settling down around 6am.

According to firefighters, a total of 17 trash cans and three vehicles were set alight. When one team of firefighters were putting out a trash can fire – after saving lives from an apartment fire – a group of young people began throwing stones at them.

Bus routes were also diverted due to objects being thrown at vehicles and bus shelters. At around 8pm, a group of 50 youngsters were taken into police custody in connection with the incidents.

In Yvelines, in the Ile-de-France region, a bottle containing acid was thrown into the courtyard of a police station in Yvelines, according to Le Parisien.

There were further attacks on officers across the departement. Molotov cocktails were thrown at officers in Trappes and Meulan, while a police officer in Carrière-sous-Possy was injured after a group of young people threw stones at him.

As in Rennes, there were also reports of arson; 22 garbage cans were reportedly set on fire in Yvelines between 8 and 11pm.

2016 has seen police demonstrations across the country against a surge of “anti-cop hatred” which they say they have suffered at a series of anti-government protests in recent months.

Police in France have said they are at breaking point with the country having been in a state of emergency for a year following jihadist terror attacks in Paris last November.