Don’t miss your upcoming tax deadlines in France

Don't miss your upcoming tax deadlines in France
Photo: AFP
The deadline for paying your income tax bill in France may have passed but there are other taxes that need to be paid tout de suite.

We hope you have all paid your 2015 income tax bills by now, given that the deadline for paying by cheque or bank transfer was back on September 15th.  

But while you can tick that particular box in your “to do” list of French admin tasks, there are others that need your attention.

Here are the deadlines you need to beat to avoid having to pay a 10 percent increase for late-payment.

Taxe foncière

Home or land owners will have to pay their taxe foncière by October 17th, by either cheque, TIP payment or by cash. However for those paying on line the deadline is slightly later on October 22nd. The sum will be taken from your account on October 27th.

The taxe foncière is a property tax that is paid to the local authority, whether the commune or department and goes towards the funding of local services.

It is payable by anyone who owns a property on January 1st of any given year and is calculated on the basis of how much the property could be rented out for, multiplied by a percentage rate set by the local council. Home owners in France have to pay whether or their house is occupied or not.

A report earlier this year revealed that the levels of the taxe foncière had risen sharply in some regions around the country.

The French tax man takes his taxe foncière very seriously. The Local reported recently how the mayor of the seaside town of Sarzeau said he had received a letter from the public finance offices to a dead resident, addressed to “grave 24, row E, cemetery road”.

Taxe d’habitation

The deadline for paying your taxe d’habitation is on November 15th and you should be receiving your bills via email or the post any day now, if not already.

The tax is a residence tax, paid for by anyone living in a property, whether you’re the owner or just renting it.

For those paying online or through  the government app, the deadline is slightly later on November 20th.

If you have set up automatic payments then the amount of tax you owner will be taken from your bank account on November 25th.

Some tax payers may find that they have until December 15th to pay their taxe d’habitation and TV license. In all cases the deadline date will be written on the bill.

Contribution à l'audiovisuel public/Contribution to public broadcasting

This is the French equivalent of a TV license and the bills are sent out along with the taxe d’habitation bills.

The tax for owning a TV in France in 2016 is €137. The deadlines for payment are the same as for the taxe d’habitation – November 15th for payment by cheque or transfer or November 20th for payments made online.

Taxes on vacant properties

Anyone who qualifies to pay a tax on their empty property (basically it’s only applied in certain urban areas where the demand for housing outweighs the number available) will have until December 15th or December 20th if you are paying online.