Paris hits noisy and forgetful passengers with new fines

Transport chiefs in Paris are determined to fight back against fare dodgers and those who are uncivil on trains and the Metro. From Monday fines have risen by up to 20 percent.

Paris hits noisy and forgetful passengers with new fines
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Fare dodgers, noisy passengers, not stamping your ticket – all offences on the Paris transport network that will cost you a little bit more from now on.

On Monday a new hike in fines came into force that will hope to “fight against and prevent incivility on the transport network”, notably those who refuse to pay for their travel.

Fraud in the public transport network of Paris costs a whopping €366 million a year, or €1 million each day.

Clearly the major cost to tax payers is those who travel without a ticket –a chronic problem in Paris. Last month The Local reported on the new campaign by transport authorities to try and shame those who jump the ticket barriers.

Paris declares new war on legion of train fare dodgers

“Every day 220,000 fraudsters travel on trains without a ticket,” said Alain Krakovitch from train group Transilien, which link commuters in the Paris region to the capital.

For the RATP, which runs the Metro and bus network in Paris the loss is believed to be around €171 million a year.

But Transilien and RATP are fighting back and have raised their fines by 20 percent.

They include:

Not having a ticket/ Not stamping your ticket – €50

Anyone caught without a ticket or caught without a stamped ticket will be hit with a €50 fine compared to €33 previously.

Using someone else’s travel pass – €70

Using your mate’s or your girlfriend’s monthly Navigo pass is considered as theft and so the fine is shooting up from €50 to €70 on SNCF trains, but will stay at €50 for the Metro.

However that cost could shoot up to €120 if the passenger does not pay the fine immediately.

And it’s worth bearing in mind that in theory, if you get caught more than six times without a ticket then the offence is punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of €7,500.

And giving a false address is punishable by up to two months in prison and a fine of €3,750.

Invalid ticket – €35

Got a ticket for the wrong zone or paid a cheaper price for it than you should, like a child’s fare, then you’ll pay €35.

Forgetting a bag

Given the security alert in Paris it's no surprise that transport chiefs want to tackle the chronic problem of “suspect bags”, which are more often than not, bags and suitcases left behind by passengers.

From now on, authorities will be able to fine those forgetful passengers €150 if an alert is triggered.

Being on wheels – €50

Yes in French train stations it’s illegal to be on any kind of wheeled transport, including bikes, skateboards and rollerblades. Mopeds too of course. If you are caught on wheels it’s a €50 fine.

Being too noisy – €50

Speaking too loudly on the phone, letting the whole carriage know what music you like and disturbing the peace in any way will set you back €50. This is another new offence that has been introduced.

Begging in the station – €50

This may be a hard one to enforce, but begging or running any kind of illegal commercial practice in a station can in theory be punished by a €50 fine.

Not muzzling a dog – €150

Dogs must be muzzled, if not, be prepared to pay €150.




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  1. Hopefully, they will enforce those rules… Especially the one about listening to your loud music (without earplugs!). We have the same rules in Montreal and unfortunately, they are not enforced…

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