Only in France: ‘Drive slowly – grape juice on the roads’

The annual wine harvest is underway, and motorists in the wine region of south western France have urged to take precautions due to the unusual hazard of spilled grape juice.

Only in France: 'Drive slowly - grape juice on the roads'
Photo: Rexness/Flickr
“Caution: Grape juice”
So reads road signs put up around the town of Duras in the Lot-et-Garonne department of south-western France.
The sign is accompanied by a picture of a car that has lost control, presumably due to the slippery conditions on the road. 
According to the Sud-Ouest newspaper, the signs were put up by farmers around the hilly town because of all the grape juice that spills from the trucks transporting the fruits of the harvest. 

The signs are only up for the duration of the harvest, before they're taken down and drivers have to worry about the effects of the wine on their driving instead.

Think you know your French street signs? Take our test. Good luck.

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