Paris city chiefs ready to let nudists hang out in park

Paris officials say they're keen to push through a proposal for a designated space in the capital for nudists.

Paris city chiefs ready to let nudists hang out in park
Photo: AFP
Deputy mayor Bruno Julliard said on Monday that City Hall would take on a proposal for a nude spot in Paris, a suggestion that came via the Green Party of Paris last week
“I'm all for it, and I think the mayor of Paris is too. So we're going to do it,” he told the BFM TV channel.
“We don't want to shock anyone, so we have to find the right place, probably in a park or a garden,” he said. 
“The greens have proposed for it to be in the heart of Paris, even on the quayside, but we won't be starting there,” Julliard said. 
“We don't want to upset anyone, we'll be doing this with respect to everyone's sensibilities.”
He noted that while it would mark the first nude zone in Paris, other Europe capitals like Berlin already offer similar opportunities for naturists. 

Exactly where the nudists zone will be remains a mystery, at present. 
Naturists in Paris have their own ideas, however. 
Jacques Frimont, vice president of the Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Liberty (APNEL), has suggested somewhere near the Daumesnil lake in Bois de Vincennes to the east of the city, the same lake that the government plans to turn into a public swimming zone by 2019. 
Lac Daumesnil‎ in the Bois de Vincennes. Could this be the new nude zone? Photo: Christian Bortes/WikiCommons 
Paris is gradually becoming more and more open-minded toward the nudity in public. 
Plans for a pop-up naked restaurant in the city have been set in motion after the concept’s success in London and this month's Fête de l’Humanité included a designated nudist stand.  
Getting caught in the nude in France currently comes with risks of a fine of €15,000 and up to one year in prison. 

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Only in France: Pupils (and their teacher) pose naked for school photo

A group of French high school pupils have caused a buzz by ditching their clothes for their end of year school photo. And their teacher joined in too.

Only in France: Pupils (and their teacher) pose naked for school photo
Photo: Facebook STD2A

The words “Only in France” come to mind when hearing about the actions of a class of high school children in southern France.

To mark the end of the year, pupils in the science and technology class STD2A (No joke!) the high school Lycée Frederic Mistral in the town of Avignon, wanted to something original.

So they decided to get naked, which as you are probably thinking, doesn’t seem to be that original in France at all. Just take a look at the way they protest in France.

Granted, the pupils, aged 17 and 18, are not quite bearing all. They have carefully placed black card over their nether regions or drawings of the parts they are hiding.

And if they wanted to create a buzz, which was presumably their aim, then it worked a treat as their end of year photo has been shared thousands of times and made several news sites in France.

It was titled 50 shades of SDT2A.

Some commenters underneath the photo said they thought the stunt was a little bit bizarre.
“Teacher and students in underwear… I don’t know why but I find it really very strange,” said one.
Many expressed shock given the age of the pupils, while others heralded the photo for freedom of expression.