Stunning video captures first look at Versailles from the sky

Versailles has released what it says is the first ever aerial look at the town and its historic palace. Check it out for yourself.

Stunning video captures first look at Versailles from the sky
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/ Mairie de Versailles

Versailles is a thing of absolute beauty (and we're talking about the town, not the new TV series).

Designed by Louis XIV and André Le Nôtre and boasting the exquisite Palace and Gardens of Versailles, it's little wonder that the town – situated to the west of Paris – is one of France's biggest tourist attractions.
And now you can see it with a bird's eye view thanks to a new film from the local town hall that shows another side of the town.  

Filmed all with a drone, the five-minute film takes the viewer across the entire town, through the parts of the palace, across the magnificent palace gardens, and all ending with a breath-taking sunset. 
“These new insights show how the town was designed with nature in mind, and to allow the rays of natural light to converge towards the palace,” François de Mazières, the town's deputy mayor, told Le Figaro newspaper. 
And with more than 50 percent of the town made up of green space, it's little wonder that it proved the inspiration in the planning of world cities like Washington and Saint Petersburg. 
Town officials said that it had taken ten months to put the film together, and that it was hoping the clip would go viral to continue attracting tourists. 
Since it was published on Wednesday it has already racked up tens of thousands of hits on YouTube and over a thousand shares on Facebook. 
Check out the video here (or see it on the Versailles Town Hall's official Facebook page here).

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