Paris mum gives birth to baby girl in back seat of taxi

A girl will one day be able to say she was born in the back of a taxi near the Louvre Museum in the heart of Paris.

Paris mum gives birth to baby girl in back seat of taxi
Photo: Pimoo/Flickr
Baby Sixtine (presumably not named after the neighbouring 16th arrondissement) came into this world on Saturday afternoon, in the back of a taxi parked on Rue Solférino not far from the Louvre museum. 
She was delivered with the help of a taxi driver and a 22-year-old police intern.
“We saw that there was a young pregnant woman in tears who was holding her stomach,” the female police officer told Le Parisien newspaper. 
Within seconds, she realized “there was no alternative” than to take immediate action. 
The taxi driver helped lay the mother-to-imminently-be on the back seats  (who said Paris taxi drivers were all rude and grumpy!), which was when the police intern noticed that the baby's head was already showing. 
She grabbed some plastic gloves and helped deliver the baby, which arrived quickly and without complication. 
“I did everything instinctively, it was quite natural,” the stand-in midwife explained, adding that she hadn't had medical training for such a task. 
“I chose my career so I could help people, but now I am wondering if I chose the right path.”
It is not clear whether the taxi driver charged the young mum extra for the birthing service.

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