Morocco’s king drains water supply from French villages

When the Moroccan king brings his entourage of 300 to a small French village, the villagers are left thirsty.

Morocco's king drains water supply from French villages
King Mohamed VI of Morocco. Photo: AFP
King Mohamed VI has spent the past week in his second house in Betz, a town of about 1,000 residents in the department of Oise to the north east of Paris. 
And the king has brought with him an apparently thirsty entourage of 300. 
So desperate for water, in fact, that they've helped drain the local water pumps dry. 
As a result, the locals have been asked to stop drinking the tap water as village's consummation of water has exceeded its production.
Photo: Google Maps
It's apparently the same story in the village next door, Villiers-Saint-Genest – all sparked by the presence of the king. 
The mayor of the neighbouring town told local media that water was “becoming increasingly scarce” and that water shortages were becoming all the more common. 
The local arm of urban planning company Saur has been on hand to deliver bottles of water to residents, particularly at school and among the elderly. 
One spokesperson from Saur told Le Parisien that when the king is in town, the company has to “bring in the water tankers”.