Official Paris refugee camps to open end of September

Official Paris refugee camps to open end of September
Photo: AFP
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has announced that Paris’s first refugee camp will be officially opening at the end of September.

Plans to create a “humanitarian” refugee camp in Paris were first announced back in May this year by mayor Anne Hidalgo. The mayor has told France Inter radio that in fact two camps will be built, and that both should be open by the end of September.

“There will be two migrant camps, one for men only, and one for women and children”, Hidalgo told France Inter.

Work on the camps began at the end of June in the north east of Paris “near the Garde du Nord and boulevard de la Chapelle”, although the exact locations have not been revealed.

The exact opening dates of the camp are also yet to be confirmed.

The official UN standard camps intend to provide proper facilities, clean water and shelter for the ever-increasing number of migrants in Paris, who often end up sleeping in groups under bridges and below overhead Metro lines in the city.

In recent months riot police in Paris have been clearing migrant camps regularly, including one earlier this month underneath the tracks of Line 2 at Juares Metro station that was home to 2,500 refugees.

Hidalgo says around 80 to 100 new refugees and migrants arrive in Paris each day, many of them hope to head to Calais, from where they attempt to get to the UK.


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