Looking for a job in France? Perhaps head out west

If you're looking for a job outside Paris, your best chances of finding it are in the west, according to fresh statistics.

Looking for a job in France? Perhaps head out west
Rennes, in Brittany. Photo: Jean-Jacques Marchand/Flickr
National employment in the private sector saw a minor increase in 2015 compared to 2014, according to new statistics from the Acoss social security group. 
But it was far from an even spread, geographically at least. 
Indeed, job hunters should look to the west if they're looking to escape unemployment. 
The new stats found that outside the Paris region of Ile-de-France, it was Brittany in the west, and Occitanie to the south west that created the most jobs.
The regions saw a combined 0.4 percent growth in the number of people working in the private sector in 2015 compared with the year before. 
It's no secret that Brittany is good for employment. In a study by The Local earlier this summer, the Breton capital of Rennes topped the table for the best city in France for foreigners to live and Nantes, also in the west was placed second. Indeed, Rennes boasted the lowest unemployment rate compared to all the other major cities we looked at.
The study from Acoss found that in 2015, Normandy, the Centre-Val de Loire and the regions to the north east of France all saw drops in job figures. 
When it came to the service sector, France saw a 0.6 percent increase in jobs nationwide.
Areas that benefit from tourism, including Ile-de-France and along the Riviera, were among the biggest winners in 2015 when it came for creating new jobs.
The industrial sector saw the loss of 37,100 jobs nationwide, a drop of 1.2 percent from 2014. In Picardie to the north and towards the east of France were the most troubled areas in this sector, facing job losses of around 2 percent. 
Meanwhile, the study also found that the average salary had increased 1.5 percent in 2015 to €2,513 a month on average for people working in the private sector.
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