French inmate sent speeding fines after cops use his car

A Frenchman has received multiple speeding fines in prison after police started using his seized car as a service vehicle.

French inmate sent speeding fines after cops use his car
Photo: AFP
The man was sentenced to prison after he was convicted for arms and drug dealing, reported the Midi Libre newspaper. 
Police seized the man's BMW and began using it as a service vehicle, which is within their right in such cases. 
The car, however, remained in the man's name. 
Before long, the prisoner started to receive speeding fines in the mail at his prison in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, southern France.  
In fact, he got so many speeding fines and lost so many of his license points that he was eventually told that he had lost his license. 
The only problem was that he had never been inside the car – it was just the police presumably driving quickly on the job.
The prisoner's lawyer is currently fighting to clear the fines from the man's name. 
“This is the icing on the cake! This is a complete aberration,” the lawyer said. 
The court is yet to decide . 

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