Hoax bomb found at Paris Metro station

Hoax bomb found at Paris Metro station
Photo: AFP
The Bomb squad were called in to a Paris Metro station after the discovery of a bag with a walkie-talkie antenna and red wires sticking out.

Metro services in Paris were severely disrupted on Sunday after a hoax bomb was found at a station in the south of the city.

The bomb squad had to be called in after the discovery of the fake device at Porte d’Italie on Line 7 on the southern edge of Paris.

Services on Line 7 were stopped for three hours, while specialist teams investigated.

The hoax bomb was discovered in a black rucksack. A walk-talkie antennae and red wires were sticking out of the bag, Le Parisien newspaper reported.

No explosives were found.

Paris is on high alert for terror attacks and transport authorities have been forced to react with extreme caution every time a lost bag is found somewhere on the network.

Most incidents, which can cause major delays and disruption, turn out to be innocent but the fact someone placed a fake bomb at a time of heightened security and tension will concern authorities and the public.

The rucksack has been taken away to be examined. 

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