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French phrases and songs you'll need for Euro 2016 final
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French phrases and songs you'll need for Euro 2016 final

Oliver Gee · 8 Jul 2016, 16:03

Published: 08 Jul 2016 16:03 GMT+02:00
Updated: 08 Jul 2016 16:03 GMT+02:00

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Let's start with the easiest.
Allez les bleus
This literally means "Go the blues" and is perhaps the most popular phrase of French football. Pronounced "allay lay bleugh", you can shout it before, during, or after the game. If you'd prefer, a similar version is "Allez les gars" (Allay lay garr) which means "Come on guys" in a kind of encouraging tone.
And if you want to urge France to score a goal then just shout allez! it's basically their version of come onnnnnn!
While the Brits may say "YEAHHH" and the Spanish will say GOOOOOL to celebrate a goal, the French seem to have a couple of options. They might shout "BUUUUUT" (or "goal"), a caveman-esque OUUUUUIIIIIII (or YESSSSSSS), or just GOAAALLL in English. 
Here's our Facebook video from the semi final penalty. You be the judge. 
The French won't hesitate to call out an actor, so if someone looks like they're faking an injury then yell out "comédien". 
The French will shout this, or more likely "Pénaltyyyyyyyyy" if they think France deserves a penalty. 
This, as we've written before, is one of the most versatile and important swear words in French. It's roughly the equivalent of "shit", and is useful to say when something astonishingly good happens (pu-taiiiiiiiin) or when something terrible happens (PU-TAIN! or Puttaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin). 
There are two ways to pronounce it. The first is puTAIN (pronounced poo-TAHn), the other drops out the u and becomes almost one syllable, so p'TAIN (pTAHn). 
And if things are not going well for Les Bleus we can expect the frustration levels to boil over and the swear words to really come firing out. 
Putain will become putain de merde if Portugal score, and if they score again it well then feel free to use putain de bordel de merde in sympathy with your frustrated French friends.
Feel like a Portuguese player is offside? Then yell out "hors-jeu". Pronounced: orr zheurgh.
Arbitre carton jaune!
Does a player deserve a yellow card? Then tell the ref, of course. Just yell out something that sounds like "Arrbeet karton zhonne". Better still, if Ronaldo looks like he needs a red then yell: "Arbitre carton rouge!"
But the reality is you will normally hear the French most football fans insulting the referee when he makes a decision they don't like, in which case if you want to join in you could say:
Arbitre enculé! - which basically means you bastard referee, a phrase we obviously don't condone.
The classic refereeing insult in French is Aux chiottes arbitre! which literally means "to the toilet referee!"
Given that the man who is refereeing the final is English (Mark Clattenburg) you might hear these words a lot: Putain d'arbitre anglais
And another word you can shout at the referee if you think a French player has been fouled is Faute! If he doesn't give the foul then see above for how to react.
Many French fans won't hesitate to yell out payé after a bad call, suggesting the referee has indeed been paid off. 
This word, pronounced kind of like "marn", is what you should yell if a player appears to touch the ball (or "handball" in English). After a handball led to a goal in the semis against Germany, you never know whether such knowledge will prove useful again on Sunday. 
Quel but! 
Lastly, shout out "quel but" or "What a goal!" when Antoine Griezmann scores the winner. 
And the songs...
Qui ne saute pas n'est pas francais - eh!
This repeating chant translates to "Whoever isn't jumping isn't French", and will always come with a whole bunch of fans jumping up and down on the spot.  
Get the tune right by watching the video below. 
La Marseillaise
You really need to learn the lyrics to the French national anthem, as it will be a huge moment before the match (and will usually be sung two or three times during the match as well).
If you can't remember the words or can't pronounce them, have our little cheat sheet handy (below).
And here is the tune thanks to a video from our Facebook page (follow us on FB for more pics and videos from Paris on Sunday night)
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Mais ils sont où les portugais ?
If the Portuguese aren't playing well, then get involved in this one. It means "Where are the Portuguese?", suggesting they've not even bothered to show up. 
Get used to the tune with the video below, which supporters sang when France beat Portugal 2-1 in October 2014. 
Griezmann's on fire...
The French have re-appropriated the now universally famous "Will Grigg's on fire" chant from the Northern Irish and essentially switched "Will Grigg's" for "Griezmann's".
And fair enough! Antoine Griezmann has scored six goals already this tournament, twice as many as anyone else. 
Get an idea for the tune below. 
Il m'entraîne au bout de l'euro
And lastly, this song - an ode to Moussa Sissoko - has gone viral in France. It's based on the 80's French classic Les Démons de Minuit, by Images, which is still something of a disco hit in some of France's cheesier nightclubs. 
The new version is about how Sissoko will take France all the way to the cup. Listen to the video below (which has a million hits on Facebook) and learn the chorus. They were chanting it in République in central Paris after the semi final victory. (Mobile readers click here).
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