Frenchwoman ‘strips for police’ after car accident

Frenchwoman 'strips for police' after car accident
Photo: AFP
A Frenchwoman reportedly performed a striptease for police in an apparent bid to escape a drink-driving charge.
The incident occurred after 10pm on Tuesday, when the World Music Day festival was in full swing across France. 
Perhaps on the way home from one of the countless (and often boozy) parties for the occasion, a woman in southwestern France's Angoulême crashed her car into a roundabout.
Witnesses reported that the woman, who was in her 50's, emerged from the vehicle apparently unhurt but extremely tipsy, the local Charente Libre newspaper reported.
Then, claiming that she was “getting hot” as police arrived, the woman reportedly began to remove her clothes in what onlookers described as a striptease. 
When police asked her to blow into a breathalyzer, the woman pretended she wasn't able to, the paper reported, prompting police to haul her in to the station where she spent the night. 
French drivers still think 'little alcohol, little danger'
Drink-driving in France is a common occurrence. Almost one quarter of French drivers admitted to drinking alcohol before driving in a survey from April.  
In the survey, 23 percent of drivers said they had got behind the wheel of the car after drinking “two glasses” of an alcoholic drink, although it wasn't specified whether those drinks were wine, beer or perhaps cognac.
Some four percent of drivers admitted to downing more than four glasses of an alcoholic drink.
Alcohol is the second-leading cause of road fatalities in France – the first one being speed – and is responsible for around ten percent of road deaths in France, the total of which last year stood at 3,464.

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