The best (positive) fan stories from Euro 2016 in France

While it's been the hooligans who've dominated the headlines at the Euro 2016 tournament so far, there have been some postitive stories from the fans. Here are some of the best.

The best (positive) fan stories from Euro 2016 in France
Photo: AFP
Euro 2016 has been marred by stories of crowd trouble, failed security and violence – but there have been plenty of heartwarming stories too. 
Here are some of the best. 
Guard of honour from Wales fans
Fans of Wales were on hand to make a Bordeaux wedding even more memorable when they performed a spontaneous guard of honour. 
The bride and groom were met with rapturous applause, cheers, and a very unique wedding photo indeed (see video below).
The Irish, again, have been among the best ambassadors for the camaraderie and sportsmanship that football should all be about. 
We've seen the jolly green army helping an elderly couple change a tyre, sing lullabies to a baby on the train, and chant praises to the French police.  
The French media have been quick to praise the Irish fans, not least after the Ireland supporters started cleaning up after themselves too in Bordeaux and their vocal homage to the under pressure French police, which even sparked a police officer into song.
Then there was the lullaby to the baby on the Bordeaux Metro.
The Ireland supporters have been selected by many as the best fans of the tournament already – click here if you want to see more from them.
But the positive stories aren't just about the fun and games. There have also been stories about Irish fans visiting the Bataclan concert hall to pay their respects to the 89 people who died there in the November terror attacks, and reports of Northern Ireland fans visiting Somme in northern France to pay respects from the bloody battle 100 years ago. 
Many on social media took note of the Northern Ireland fans after the picture below showed one Northern Ireland supporter helping an injured Poland supporter following violence in Nice. 
Irish fans singing tribute to Northern Ireland fan
After a Northern Ireland support fell to his death in Nice, Irish supporters applauded and sang at the Stade de France in his memory. They sang “stand up for the Ulsterman” in the 24th minute in memory of the deceased supporter, who was 24 years old. 
The Northern Ireland team's Twitter account thanked supporters for the effort. 
“Thanks to the fans of @FAIreland who sang 'stand up for the Ulstermen' tonight in memory of Darren Rodgers #footballfamily.”
Love is in the air for Wales and England
And while authorities feared that England and Wales fans might not get on, the oppostite has been true – highlighted by a rather unique fanzone marriage proposal by a Welshman to his English girlfriend.
The whole thing was captured on video, and features 32-year-old Darren Crandon from Cardiff getting down on one knee not far from the Eiffel Tower as his mates egg the girlfriend to say yes. 
Spoiler warning, she says yes:

And you've got to hand it to this Welsh fan, whose team had just given up a lead against England, and whose tears transformed into the best possible attempt at happiness. 

Elsewhere, while it may not be the prettiest thing to look at, the naked fan deserves a spot on this list – if nothing else because we'd prefer nudity to violence. 
In honour to the naked fan, here are some of the most memorable nudes from the Euros so far. There's always someone, isn't there?

And it's not just the lads getting their gear off – a raunchy pensioner has made headlines in the UK after she got her kit off outside a Nice restaurant. Oh la la indeed. 
Unluckiest fan at the Euros?
You've got to spare a thought for this Northern Irish lad who has been dubbed by Belfast media as the unluckiest at the tournament. 
He's reportedly broken his leg, got electrocuted at his hotel, and then locked out of a key match that he had tickets too… and much more. 
“I've hopefully had my run of bad luck for this tournament and a lifetime,” the man told Belfast Live

England fans finally join the party
A word too for the England fans who finally joined in the festive fun in St Etienne on Monday night. After the focus had been on the violent minority in Marseille and Lille, the vocal majority led the way in St Etienne and showed that they know how to create an impressive atmosphere both outside and inside the stadium.

Fan left in tears after Ronaldo selfie
And lastly, despite his disappointment of an unimpressive draw against Austria on Saturday, Portuguese superstar Christiano Ronaldo managed to leave one happy fan crying tears of joy after taking a selfie with the three-time World Player of the Year.
After (illegally) sneaking past the Parc des Princes security to get on the pitch, the spectator juggled with his phone to take the snap as security guards stood and watched.



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