Has a Brit expat saved the UK from Brexit with kebabs?

Has a Brit expat saved the UK from Brexit with kebabs?
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If you want to read one clear analogy of what Brexit could mean, let it be this one by a British expats in Paris.
While both sides on the Brexit debate are struggling to get their arguments across, a British expat in Paris has possibly given the clearest analogy yet for what would happen if Britain left the EU. And it involves kebabs.

Paris-based Briton Iain Black has been hailed by some as potentially single-handedly keeping the UK in the EU.

While many legal experts have attempted to describe what will happen post-Brexit, their ideas have often been lost in complicated language and references to conventions and treaties.

But Black, who runs bicycle tours around the French capital city and works in the Coq & Bulldog pub, has cut out all the fat around the debate, and packed the argument into one easy to digest pitta bread.

We’ll let him explain:

“I know there are problems with the EU but can anyone properly explain what our plan is if we leave?

“We have all been on a night out with that mate who when you are in a club says “it's shit here” let's go somewhere else.

“Then when you leave you realise he has no idea where to go and the place you left won't let you back in.

“Without a decent follow up plan, a leave vote could see the UK standing in a kebab shop arguing about whose fault it is.”

Needless to say the tangible analogy has struck a chord with the public who appear to have lost their appetite for the increasingly hysterical arguments presented by the main stream campaigns.

Black's Facebook post has since gone viral, being tweeted and shared tens of thousands of times, including by Tony Blair's former spin doctor Alastair Campbell.

 And some suggest Black has done the StrongerIN campaign a massive favour.

“Well said fella you hit the nail on the head,” said another commenter.

Have you got any more tangible analogies to sum up the Brexit debate?

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