What changes in France from June 2016

What changes in France from June 2016
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The month of June brings more changes to France, including no more cold calls.
No more cold calls
A new government backed initiative will now allow people to block “cold calls”.
All you'll have to do is visit the Bloctel website here and add your home or mobile number to the database, then click that you don't want to be called.
At the end of each month, the call centres around France will by law have to monitor their databases and remove any unsubscribers from their lists. 
This of course means that after registering, you might still receive the calls until the end of the month when the companies update their systems. 
Soon you can be free of annoying cold calls in France
Driving tests at the post office
This month will see changes that allow would-be motorists to take their theory tests at offices of La Poste, a move made to free up the backlog of drivers waiting to take their tests.  
The outsourcing will kick into effect on June 13th, put back two weeks after it was meant to begin at the start of the month,  
Around 1.4 million people take their driving test each year in France, with waiting times sometimes reaching three months for a test. 
The price of gas stays the same
French gas users won't see a drop in gas prices, as they have for the past eight consecutive months.
Since January 1st, the gas prices have fallen 19 percent. 
More transparency on tourist websites
From June 1st, booking websites will by law have to show the full and final price of a night's accommodation from the beginning of the transaction. 
So you can say au revoir to the annoying add-ons like TTC taxes that appear at the last minute when you're finally ready to pay. 
Easier to make claims for money owed
From Wednesday it will be possible to lodge claims online for money owed by businesses or individuals, provided it's at a value under €4,000. The move, which is part of the Macron Law, aims to ensure money that is owed is more easily recoverable for both professionals and individuals. 
Rental inventories to be better controlled
From this month and onward, both tenants and landlords will need to have copies of the inventory of an apartment. This means that both while moving in and moving out, both will need records of dates, names, addresses, meter records, as well as a full detailed description of the state of the home. 

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