Five free smartphone apps to help you find petrol in France

There are around 4,500 petrol stations in France without fuel, or which are running low. Here are five smartphone apps that will help you get you find out where you can fill your tank.

Five free smartphone apps to help you find petrol in France
Photo: CAFNR/Flickr
There are currently around 40 percent of petrol stations in the country affected by fuel shortages.
If you're needing to tank up but don't know where to go, here are five of the best fuel apps (put together with help from BFMTV). 
1. Essence (App store and Android)
If you've read a single online story about petrol shortages in France, you've seen screenshots from the Essence app. It's the most comprehensive on this list, and at the time of writing 4,753 stations are affected out of the 10,255 covered by their app (there are 12,000 in France in total). 
The app helps you find the closest and cheapest station to a radius of up to 50 kilometres, offering to show the results in a list or on a map (and then helps you find the way there).  
2. Gasoil Now (App store and Android)
This handy little app opens a map on which you're given two options – the closest and the cheapest fuel in your area. Tapping on the station will give additional information about costs and types of fuel. Word of warning: Beware of the in-app purchases and invasive adverts. 
3. Zagaz (App store and Android)
A practical app which, while admittedly not much to look at, offers loads of information about the petrol stations that it pulls up in the search functions. Information includes payment options available.
4. Stations service (Android)
Map and list-based information, but only according to location, not price. 
5 : Mobicarbu (App store
The details are searchable via price or location of the service stations. While the app does free, you're going to have to cough up if you want to use it after the seven-day free trial.

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