Paris makes love-lock bridge even more love-lock proof

Officials have attached new anti-love lock mechanisms to the Pont des Arts in Paris, making it even tougher to attach padlocks to the famous bridge.

Paris makes love-lock bridge even more love-lock proof
Photo: Michel Gauret/No Love Locks

If you're aching to tell Paris that you're in love, it might be time to rethink the love lock on the Pont des Arts – once and for all. 

The bridge, which was once smothered in 45 tonnes of padlocks, got a major face lift last year as officials removed the locks and the bridge railings to attach a new “love-lock proof” design.


(The new love lock-proof Pont des Arts. AFP)

But not all lovers in Paris have been deterred, and many found that they could still hang their locks on the small metal joints on the other side of the railings. 

The city of Paris has said “not anymore”, however, and has sent workers out to attach new “love-proof” mechanisms over each of the joints. 

The preservation group “No Love Locks” managed to photograph the process, pictures they published on Thursday (see below). The new mechanisms certainly look like a fool proof way to keep the lovers away.

Lisa Anselmo, the co-founder of the group, told The Local that the move probably won't deter tourists. 
“Unfortunately, no matter what obvious efforts the city has made to stop “love locks” on the Pont des Arts, people still attempt to hang locks there,” she said.

“It's a real middle finger from some thoughtless tourists to the people of Paris. There are still over ten bridges on the Seine plagued with locks. Only a ban on “love locks” will give the city the power it needs to stop this trend.”

Members of the group, which boasts 5,000 followers on Facebook, were quick to (sometimes vehemently) share their support for the new additions to the central Paris bridge.

“You would think that a simple request in the form of a short note would do the trick, but people the world over are becoming more and more self centered,” wrote group member Louise Spottswood.

“Remember, your ugly lock became garbage and was melted down and a big percentage of you will do the same… melt down and be on your own! The stupid lock won't save you!”
Others weren't so irate, with some suggesting that authorities should start fining those who attach padlocks.
While the new lock-proof mechanisms may just work, Paris officials can surely expect lovers to get even more creative on the bridge in the future.
As the picture below shows, it looks like the bridge's lamp posts are still being targeted. Quelle horreur!

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