Marine Le Pen to head to UK in push for Brexit

Marine Le Pen to head to UK in push for Brexit
Photo: AFP
France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who famously said she wanted to “explode the EU”, will head to Britain in the run up the referendum to give her backing to the Brexit campaign.

France’s most powerful Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen will wade right into the Brexit/Bremain row gripping the UK by crossing the English Channel to join the campaign trail at some point in the run up to the June 23rd referendum.

Le Pen, who is backing Brexit in the hope that it could trigger a similar referendum in France and then her dream a “Frexit”, will lend her support to MEP Janice Atkinson (photo on left), formerly of UKIP, as she campaigns for Britain to leave the EU.

The leader of the anti-EU National Front party, who is also an MEP, famously said in the run up to the last European elections that her desire was to “explode the EU”.

“How to improve the European Union? By making it collapse…. I expect one thing only from the European system and that's for it to explode,” she said.

Although her trip to Britain to back Brexit might not be welcomed too kindly by the likes of fellow anti-EU politicians like UKIP’s Nigel Farage, who has repeatedly tried to distance himself and his party from the French party he labels as anti-Semitic.

It is not quite sure what Le Pen will do on the campaign trail in Britain, given her lack of English, but no doubt it will draw plenty of attention.

A new poll released on Wednesday revealed that Le Pen’s compatriots may be changing their views towards a Brexit as the crunch referendum approaches.

While some 52 percent can see it happening, more interestingly six out of ten actually want Britain to remain in the EU.

That’s in stark contrast to previous polls that suggested a majority of French people – even more than the percentage of Brits – were in favour of the UK leaving the EU.

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