France goes wild as Renée, 78, attends first all-night rave

A 78-year-old woman named Renée has turned heads in France after writing a report on her first all-night rave party.

France goes wild as Renée, 78, attends first all-night rave
This is (probably) not the same rave that the French grandma attended. File photo: HET/Flickr
Renée Bourgeois is not your typical raver. For a start, she's never been to such an event before. And, more unusually, she is 78 years old.
But, in her role as correspondent for the République du Centre newspaper, the septuagenarian went to her first “wild rave party” in the Ousson-sur-Loire commune in central France.
And her report about the “enchanting” experience (see tweet below) is quickly making headlines across France.
“I had preconceived notions about raves. And it's true that the drugs are flowing, and that people are drinking alcohol, but I sure saw a lot of humanity from these young people,” she wrote.  

Renée described how she was shocked by all the young people sleeping, eating and drinking in their cars on the eve of the rave… “in such a place, I was shocked.”

She did also admit to being scared and vulnerable about the possibility of a raving thief picking on her.

“With my bag over my shoulder, carrying my money, identity papers, cheque book, creditcards…I have to admit that I thought for a moment what would happen to me if someone had malevolent ideas,” she said.

But instead, she was surprised by the kindness of her companions. The pensioner explained how one fellow raver loaned her some boots so she could cross a patch of mud, and how others refused when she offered to buy them a drink (“a retired granny can't have much money, they said”).

All in all, Bourgeois said she was “enchanted by the wonderful welcome”. 
“They couldn't believe their eyes – a granny of 78 interviewing them… they'd never seen anything like it,” she wrote.  
And French social media users have wasted no time sharing the article, many quick to heap praise on the efforts of the “Grandma raver”

“Renée, don't ever change, you're the best,” writes the tweeter above. 

This tweeter says the pensioner's story is “the best article ever”. 

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