Canal Saint-Martin finally gets its water back

Workers on Thursday began the process of refilling the Canal Saint-Martin in central Paris, three months after it was emptied for cleaning.

Canal Saint-Martin finally gets its water back
Photo: Oliver Gee
The canal was drained back in early January, revealing all its secrets to an ever-curious public (click here if you want to know why and how they did it).
These secrets included dozens and dozens of bicycles, computers, mobile phones, chairs, some motorbikes, and even a gun. 
On Thursday afternoon, while most of Paris was distracted by either a massive work labour protest or striking public transport staff, canal workers opened the floodgates and began refilling the canal again. 
Here are some pictures and a video taken up near the Jaures Metro station, where the canal was sealed off from the Bassin de la Villette in January. 
Now, as soon soon as the rain stops of course, the hipsters of the trendy 10th arrondissement can sit alongside their beloved canal again, beer in hand, and a much cleaner canal by their dangling feet. 

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