New footage emerges of Abdeslam’s dramatic capture

New footage has emerged of the moment the chief suspect behind the Paris attacks was shot and captured by police in Brussels.

New footage emerges of Abdeslam's dramatic capture
Photo: ITele
In the new unseen footage released by French TV Channel iTELE, seven heavily-armed special forces stand outside the building, pointing their weapons toward the doorway. The surrounding atmosphere appears to be relatively calm, with a number of policemen seen walking around.
All of a sudden, a man wearing a white tracksuit with a hood runs out of the building, taking a sharp turn to the left to avoid the police. But he only makes it a few metres.
A gunshot rings out and the man immediately falls to the ground. 
At least five more gunshots are then heard. One bullet appears to strike the wall as he runs off.
Police said on Friday they had shot Abdeslam in the leg to immobilize him after he failed to follow orders. They had been ordering him to come out with him hands up through a megaphone.
There has been speculation that Salah Abdeslam may have run deliberately from police in the hope they would shoot him dead.
The tactic, known as “suicide by police” is one frequently used by jihadists who would rather die than be caught be police.
Later in the video, police are seen dragging a second suspect, dressed in grey and who has trouble walking after sustaining an injury to the knee, toward the police cars.

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