Eurostar launches new cross-Channel ‘gift app’

Eurostar launches new cross-Channel 'gift app'
Photo: AFP
Eurostar has rolled out a trial of a service that allows people on either side of the Channel to get their hands on their favourite foods from back home without having to travel.
If you miss the taste of British bacon, or indeed, if you want to send some French macarons back to your friends and family in the UK – then this is the service for you. 
Eurostar is rolling out the “Boomerang” app, a service that allows users to “get the little things they miss most from across the Channel”.
All you have to do is sign up, then request whatever you want from the list. From the UK side, this includes everything from moisturizer and Marmite to scones and marmalade. 
In France, the most popular items can be anything from rillettes to saucisson, pain au chocolat to cornichons.
Type in how much you're willing to pay for this service, then wait for a Eurostar traveller to accept your offer. 
Then, once you've been in touch with your “middle man”, you simply wait for them to arrive with whatever you requested. Upon receival, you mark the item as delivered and the PayPal payment goes through. 
The service is entirely free, and is running as a trial for three months. Find out more here.

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