France’s Gérard Depardieu lashes out at George Clooney

Maverick French actor Gérard Depardieu Friday took aim at the Oscars, "The Revenant" and George Clooney, criticising Hollywood for its "comfort" bubble.

France's Gérard Depardieu lashes out at George Clooney
Depardieu and Clooney. Photos: AFP
He rejected the pomp surrounding US cinema, saying he preferred to get into the gritty side of movies.
“When I think about the Oscars, with 'The Revenant', the caravans, the warmth and all of that. We tell them: go roll in shit. I am sure that shit is fragrant,” he said at a press conference during the Berlin film festival, referring to the movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio.
“That's the fabulous comfort of cinema. I like things that are not comfortable, even if I scream all the time. I'm shouting all the time over a film. I start by saying 'no, nein'. And then I make it. That's how it is, that's life.”
Depardieu, 67, also took a dig at Clooney over his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel when the Hollywood star offered to lend a hand solving Europe's refugee crisis.
“We see these Syrian refugees, and George Clooney went to see Madame Merkel. I think that didn't go well. Today, we want to be an actor, a politician, an ecologist,” he mocked.
Depardieu is no stranger to controversy, and has even sparked an outcry in his native France for taking Russian nationality after befriending President Vladimir Putin.
The actor, who was presenting his new film “Saint-Amour” in Berlin, reiterated that he has “a lot of admiration for Vladimir Putin, for what he has done, and for the Russian people”.
He acknowledged that his pro-Russian stance displeases his “some French intellectuals, including my friends”.
But he said: “I believe what I see.”
The Berlin film festival ends on Sunday.

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‘Donald Trump is no idiot and Marine Le Pen isn’t a threat…’

At least that's according to French actor turned Russian citizen turned provocative political commentator Gerard Depardieu.

'Donald Trump is no idiot and Marine Le Pen isn't a threat...'
Photo: AFP

Donald Trump is no “idiot” according to French actor Gerard Depardieu, who compared him favourably to the previous Republican US president George W. Bush in an interview on Sunday.

“Unlike George W. Bush he (Trump) is not an idiot, he says things that are bigger than him,” Depardieu told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

“No-one knows what he's capable of.”

But Depardieu blamed president-elect Trump's rise to power on the increasing detachment of politicians from the feelings and desires of ordinary voters.

“It's a good lesson for politicians who have been doing nothing for a long time,” added the 67-year-old, who rose to fame in films such as “The Last Metro”, “Police” and “Cyrano de Bergerac”.

“The confidence has been broken, the people want to take back control,” Depardieu added.

Like Trump, Depardieu is on friendly terms with Russian president Vladimir Putin and accepted Russian citizenship in 2013 in protest at a proposed tax hike on the rich in his homeland.

Depardieu is a controversial figure in France having announced in 2012 he was giving back his French passport and moving to Belgium over the socialist government's tax rise.

Since then he has delighted in making controversial and pro-Russian statements.

Trump too has been highly complimentary of Putin, whose relations with the Barack Obama administration and European Union are strained.

Despite the rise of populist and patriotic politicians and parties in several Western countries, Depardieu dismissed the notion that far-right candidate Marine Le Pen could win next year's French presidential election.

“Marine Le Pen is not a threat, that's rubbish,” he said.

“She's part of the collateral damage of a society which fails to control its new means of communication and passes its time building castles in the sky.”