Google Translate adds Corsican language option

Google Translate adds Corsican language option
Photo: Damien Meyer/AFP
From Thursday, you can use Google Translate to read or write Corsican, as the translation tool adds more regional languages to its offerings.

The search engine has added 13 new languages to its translation tool, including Corsican – the first regional language of France to be included.

Corsican language options have recently been added to Facebook and European search engine Qwant, giving the minority language a boost.

When Google Translate first launched in 2006, only three language options were available, but the new additions this week bring the total to 103.

There are around 130,000 speakers of Corsican in France, and along with speakers of other regional dialects, Corsicans have been fighting to have their language officially recognized by the French government.

In 2014, steps were taken toward a constitutional amendment to recognize and protect regional languages, however, it could be a long time coming.

And remember not to rely too heavily on Google Translate – here's a list of the top ten French-English translation fails the site has made.

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