Climb Mont Blanc from your armchair thanks to Google

Google has crossed another frontier in mapping out Mont Blanc via its Street View function, meaning you can see the iconic mountain like never before.

Climb Mont Blanc from your armchair thanks to Google
On the summit of Mont Blanc with Google. Photo: GoogleMaps
The American search engine sent a team of climbers, skiers, and photographers to the summit, equipped with a camera capable of filming 360 degrees. 
The result is spectacular. See the final minute of the ascension below (and use your mouse to click and drag to see the view in every direction).
You can also see the splendour of the Mer de Glace glacier, as well as views of the mountain from the perspective of rock climbers, skiers, and mountain runners. 
You can ascend the mountain through the eyes of climber Kilian Jornet, who holds the speed record for ascending and descending Mont Blanc in just 4 hours 57 minutes.
You can ice climb up a serac with record-setting alpine climber Ueli Steck, or ski with 14-time ski mountaineering champion Laetitia Roux and guide Patrick Gabarrou.
For the ascent to the summit, it was elite guide Korra Pesce who carried the Street View Trekker up and down the Goûter Route of the mountain. See a summary of the team and what they did in the video below. 
Google said in a statement that the project “serves as a digital record of Mont Blanc as it appears today, so future outdoor enthusiasts and scientists can look back at this time capsule to see how the mountain has changed”.
To explore more of Mont Blanc from your desk or armchair CLICK HERE.


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