French cops find €2m of cannabis in truck’s tank

French cops find €2m of cannabis in truck's tank
All photos: Police
Police made the haul after stopping a truck which seemed to be travelling without any cargo... until they checked inside its fuel tank.

A total of 342.5 kg of cannabis resin – with an estimated value of over €2 million – was found hidden in the fuel tank of the truck.

Police stopped the vehicle on the A31 motorway on December 21st, heading in the direction of Nancy-Metz, and on an initial inspection it appeared to be empty. The two drivers, both of Spanish nationality, claimed they were travelling from Spain to repair a truck for a company from Luxembourg. 

But police clearly realized something wasn't right and conducted a full search of the truck. After several hours, their attention turned to the vehicle's external fuel tank.

Getting at the illicit cargo inside was no easy feat – police had to drive the truck to a nearby garage, where the tank was loosened and removed from the vehicle, before being cut open to reveal the enormous stash of drugs.

The 342.5 kg of cannabis was hidden in a metal case inside the tank, stored neatly in packets of different sizes.

Nancy's specialized interregional court is continuing the investigation.