Refugee knifed to death at Calais migrant camp

A refugee has been stabbed to death in the New Jungle migrant camp in Calais, northern France officials have said.

Refugee knifed to death at Calais migrant camp
Photo: AFP
A 25-year-old Sudanese man was stabbed in the very early hours of Tuesday morning.
The man was stabbed in the neck, the prosecutor said, and died from his injuries.
Police have launched an investigation into murder. 
The reasons for the attack and the nationality of the attacker remain unknown, however fights are not uncommon in the campsite, which is is home to around 4,500 migrants.
In January, police were called in to quell a mass brawl involving around 200 migrants. A police spokesperson suggested at the time that the fight had broken out when African and Afghani refugees had not seen eye to eye. 
Meanwhile, the French government has been slammed in recent months for the squalid conditions at the camp.
France's top administrative in November court backed an order that forces the French government to improve conditions at the camp after several other NGOs also concluded that the camp had “serious human rights violations”.