Paris terror attacks

Paris attacks: ‘Le Petit Cambodge’ to reopen

Paris attacks: 'Le Petit Cambodge' to reopen
Le Petit Cambodge. Photo: AFP
The Paris restaurant Le Petit Cambodge, where 15 people were gunned down in the Paris terror attacks has announced that it plans to reopen because not doing so "would be to admit defeat".
Terrorists killed 15 people on November 13th out the front of Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, which is directly opposite Le Carillon bar.
Both establishments have been closed to the public since, as makeshift vigils have seen flowers, candles, photos and messages pile up out the front.
On Monday, Le Petit Cambodge took to Facebook to announce that it will reopen again, and thanked the public for the “enormously touching” support. 
“It will take time for our team to get over the psychological shock, but we are all okay – which is nothing short of a miracle considering how many people weren't so fortunate,” the post read.
“Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.
“The Petit Cambodge will reopen, because life has to go on for each of us, but equally out of respect for the clients who on that night were at the restaurant. If we didn't reopen, it would be to give in and to admit defeat which is never going to happen.”
While the owners didn't mention exactly when the restaurant would reopen, they ended the note with “See you very soon – the whole team at Le Petit Cambodge”.
Meanwhile, the other bars, restaurants, and even the Bataclan concert hall show no signs of reopening. However, the support has been impressive.
Momo, one of the members of the Algerian family who runs the nearby Le Carillon, told The Local the bar will likely remain closed until December 10th.
“It will be extremely difficult, but so many people have told me they will be there as soon as we reopen,” he said.
The band that was onstage at the Bataclan – the Eagles of Death Metal – has offered to reopen the concert hall
“I don't want to spend my life trying to appease assholes I want to spend my life smiling with my friends and entertaining them,” Jesse Hughes, the band's vocalist, told Vice in an interview.
“I cannot wait to come back to Paris… I want to be the first band to play in the Bataclan when it opens back up.”