Paris terror aftermath

Paris and Rennes hit by false bomb alerts

Paris and Rennes hit by false bomb alerts
Photo: AFP
Metro lines in Paris were suspended and a central square in Rennes was cleared on Tuesday as two false alarms showed that France remains on edge after the November 13th terror attacks.

A false alarm about a bomb at the Place de la République in Paris saw the square cordoned off and Metro lines 3, 5, 8, 9, and 11 partially suspended. 

“There was an anonymous caller who said that a bomb would go off at 2pm. But even if it was a hoax, we have to take the threat seriously,” a police source told BFM TV.

A policeman told Libération newspaper that officers were investigating a suspicious package in the square. 

Meanwhile, in the city of Rennes in western France another false alarm took place after an anonymous caller said there was a bomb at the central town square, also called Place de la République.

Shortly after 2.30pm, both alarms were called off. The Interior Ministry said that “no suspicious object had been found”. 
Paris has been shaken up by the November 13 terror attacks, which saw 130 people killed, and the country remains in a state of emergency. While many if not most of the population is showing a brave face, Parisians are clearly still on edge. 
This tension was highlighted dramatically last Sunday night when another false alarm sent hundreds running in blind panic through the streets.