French TV’s pro-women ad ends in sexism storm

French TV's pro-women ad ends in sexism storm
"Where are all the women?" Equality video ends up in sexism storm. Photo: France 3.
A TV advert aimed at promoting the role of women at a French TV channel has been pulled after feminist groups and government ministers blasted it as sexist.

The advert by France 3 TV channel fell flat after having the exactly the opposite effect than was desired.

In a bid to boast about the TV channel's feminine credentials the advert instead angered feminist groups and women working in the entertainment industry and good number of social media commentators.

The video clip depicts household objects left to abandon, including a smoking oven which has been left on, an iron which has set on fire and a toilet seat which hasn't been cleaned.

As the song “Where are all the women” starts playing a message comes up that reads “They are all on France 3”.

This tweet by the TV Channel reads “The majority of our presenters are females”, to justify the message behind the advert.


But social media critics and feminist groups were angered, claiming the video only succeeds in reducing the role of women once again to the household and reinforcing sexist stereotypes.

The video was made in a week intended to promote more equality for women in the workplace, with the hastag ‘#egapro (egalite professionelle)’ trending on twitter.

The French feminist group ‘Balle de Sexisme’ responded on Twitter saying, ‘It’s deplorable! Nothing more than a bunch of sexist clichés!”

The advert also attracted the attention of the Secretary of State for Women’s Rights Pascal Boistard saying on Twitter that: “The ‘female’ campaign on France 3 doesn’t seem to me to be the right way to highlight professional equality in the TV industry.”

She addressed her message to Delphine Ernotte, the current head of France Television and the first female to be give the role, who has since had the advert removed.

A spokesperson said the advert was “not in line with her beliefs”.

by Ellie O'Driscoll

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