Paris YouTubers get very own movie-making hub

Google opened a new interactive movie-making hub in Paris on Thursday, a move it labelled a "no brainer" considering the French capital is home to one of the world's most vibrant YouTube communities."

Paris YouTubers get very own movie-making hub
The YouTube Space will be the seventh in the world. Photo: AFP
You may not have known it, but Paris has a thriving YouTube community.
In fact, Google said on Thursday that the French capital boasts “one of the world's most vibrant YouTube communities” making videos that are 60 percent more popular than last year. 
One French YouTuber, Cyprien, has garnered almost 1 billion views over all his videos alone.
With all this in mind, Google announced that it was opening its newest YouTube Space in Paris, joining the likes of its six other hubs in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Sao Paolo.

(A look inside the Paris hub. Photo: YouTube)
The Space is located at the Google Paris headquarters on the Rue de Londres in the ninth arrondissement, and will provide training programs and production equipment to local movie makers.
“The Paris Space will provide emerging and established YouTube creators with a physical space to do everything from take a class on YouTube best practices, to meet with fellow artists, or to just use the studio’s latest audio, visual and editing equipment to create great videos. All for free,” Google wrote in a statement. 
The European Spaces in London and Berlin have so far hosted over 25,000 video makers since they opened, with over 1,500 original clips being made on the scene. 
If the other hubs are anything to go by, viewers can expect live streaming of music acts, celebrity collaborations, and even public service announcements to come out of the Paris centre. 

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